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Qigong – Your Inner Feng Shui


Your outer world is reflection of your inner energy. Qigong clears and strengthens your inner space.

New Qigong Healing Weekend October 11/12, Sydney

With Glenys Brown, Qigong Master and International Medical Intuitive.

Join us for this new Qigong weekend and discover how your inner and outer worlds are completely intertwined even though they appear to be separate.

In Qigong we understand everything is energy or Qi (chi). Your home and work environments, relationships, health and prosperity are all reflecting your inner energy. When your inner space is out of balance, stagnant or blocked some areas of your life be stuck or lacking energy too.

Is there a lot of clutter in your home or are you a clean freak? Should you be worried about this? The answer may surprise you. Are there areas in your home or work space you never use or even avoid? Come and find out how to sense what areas are out of balance and how to fix them using your own energy.

The weekend will involve simple Qigong body movements, meditation and breathing practices as well as consciousness play to shift energy blockages and bring strength, harmony and balance to both your inner and outer worlds.

Places are limited. Bookings are now open. Book now to avoid disappointment. Simply email or text Jenny McFadden and pay $50 deposit. Details below.

Qigong – Your Inner Feng Shui

Date: October 11/12

Where: Berowra, Sydney, private residence. 9:30-4:30.

Cost: $395 including delicious morning teas, teas etc. Early bird $350, save $45, pay $50 dep by Sept 1st.

Direct deposit: Nectar Australia P/L, BSB 032 280, Acct: 12 54 28. Put your name as description.

Payment by credit card also available. Contact me directly.

We look forward to seeing you there. These weekends are always very popular and sell out quickly so let us know if you are coming.

More Info

Contact: Jenny McFadden 0403 787 474 or jennymcfadden[[[AT]]]

2014 Tiandi 12 Cycle Qigong with Master Zhao

Qigong with Master Zhao

Qigong is “One of the most effective, powerful, and dynamic body-mind techniques ever developed.”

This course offer is a rare opportunity…

“I did this course 2 years ago and credit the rehabilitation of my knees, and general good health to Master Zhao’ s workshop. Looking forward to participating again this year.”
–Alison Paull

Did you know “Chi” is a human being’s most powerful force?

Deep down within you, woven into the very fabric of your being, lays this power.

For most of us it’s sleeping. And it will sleep forever, unless you learn how to arouse it.

If you’re serious about finding the one thing that can help improve every aspect of your life, then this might be the most important message you’ll ever read!

“I first participated in the 12 cycle course in 2011, since then I have decided to include this amazing program in my yearly health regime. The physical, emotional, mental balance, personal strength and energy that it has given me I see as essential part of my life. Being a busy Mum of four children and running a small business, the 12 cycle helps me to manage with the demands of day to day living, keeping my health and energy strong.

Master Zhao and his wife may are an extremely talented couple, with the most amazing energy I have ever seen and felt, their dedication to their work and practice and their humble approach in sharing their wealth of knowledge is a great way of learning how to care for your body.

I look forward to meeting you at this year’s program!”
-Sarah, Perth

Qigong Builds Your Life Force

  • Do you know Qigong is the innate power of life, vitality and regeneration?
  • Do you want to know how to work with your life force and not deplete it more every day?
  • Qigong uses an easy to follow combination of controlled breathing, focused concentration, and simple movements to expand and change your life.

“I completed the 12 cycle with Master Zhao 2 years ago when I had only been practising Qi Gong for a few months. At the time I had been experiencing troubles with my Health, in particular, a weakened immune system and regular colds and infections. I was amazed at how quickly my immune system improved and it was the first winter in many years that I did not get a cold or flu.

Emotionally and mentally I am also stronger and I am now able to better manage the stresses of ever day situations. I am looking forward to having the privilege to work with Master Zhao, who is highly knowledgeable and dedicated to his work, when I complete the practice for the second time this year. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who would like to experience improved health and well being.”
-AC, Perth

Tiandi Qigong 12 Cycle Course with Master Zhao


JULY Saturday 26th half day 2pm-6pm & Sunday 27th full day 10am-5pm.

Closing Weekend:

NOVEMBER 21st. Friday evening through to mid-day Sunday 23rd.

Local fortnightly practise for interested participants will be held between the opening and closing weekend.

Brought to you by the Glenys Brown Energy Medicine College.

To book or for more information:

Phone: 08 9457 0965

Email: glenys[[at]]glenysbrown[[dot]]com

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain Using Qigong

Does your neck sore? Is it stiff, painful, and lack flexibility and strength?

Have you had numerous visits to therapists and doctors to re-align, ease pain, and release your neck so you can turn it?

Do neck muscle cramps ‘grab’ you and grip your neck with sudden pain?

Maybe your neck aches due to a traffic accident, sport, a fall, osteoporosis, playing video games, or sitting too long.

Does your head lead you body when you walk? Check this when you walk to notice which is leading physically, your head or your feet. If your head leads you (this is common in our society), your body is out of balance. Your body is being physically and mentally compromised.

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Build Your Child’s Identity and Development

Fairy Kids

  • Do you want your child to build identity and self esteem?
  • Would you like your child develop links between left and right brains to prepare for school?
  • Have something that would improve sleep patterns?
  • Is to have fun, be open to new friends, love to sing and dance what you would like for your child?

You can offer these opportunities and more to your child through proven stories songs and dance on Amanda McKenna’s much loved children’s CD’s and Mp3 downloads.

Each story offers a finely crafted experience that brings a joyous response in the listener-participants heart. We are a very mobile society and new and much loved stories are very useful. You can have them playing in your vehicle while you and your children travel to and fro from school and especially on longer trips.

There is even a bedtime song for easing the way into sleep on Singing with the Fairies.

A free charm bracelet or neck bank is offered with each purchase of her Singing with the Fairies CD. All of these CDs are part of the Land of Elvindore Series.

Click here to listen to samples and order today!

Feedback from Others

The children thoroughly enjoyed all the songs and different dances. It is nice to watch them having fun and being really enthusiastic about music and dancing.
-Lisa Turtin
Kindergarten Teacher

My two girls wouldn’t get out of our car until the story finished. Then they wanted to hear it again as soon as the car started the next time we were it.
-S. French

Unbelievably the daughter played Sundew 27 times straight.
-D. Richardson

My sons loved the story of two little boys using their energy and love to save the forest.
-A. Klemm

China Qigong Tour | A Glimpse into Our Travels

Lijang Outdoor Theatre

First we heard the drums, loud and strong down the hillside.

Then the band joined in. Mystified we looked at each other with a question in our eyes. The drums came closer and then we heard feet marching. Within a few minutes a band of women musicians and women dancing to the rhythm of the drums came into sight around the bend in the road.

What an introduction to the Yi people, a Chinese minority group who lived in the Miyi area of Yunnan province, China.

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Eye Strain & Headache Relief Exercises for Longer Work and Play

Are eye strain and headaches a constant distraction for you?

Do you find you rub your eyes more often the longer you work or play on your computer?

Today we have two short easy practices you can do that will:

  • Bring more oxygenised blood into the small veins that keep your eyes fresh and clear.
  • Build resistance to eye disease.
  • Save the cost of reading glasses now and in the future

Plus, each time you do the practices you will work to prevent eye strain and pain.

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How to Exercise at Your Desk to Relieve Pain and Stress

Do you have lower back pain, joint aches and pain, or tension headaches, eye strain?

Maybe you have high blood pressure, constant indigestion, period pain or discomfort?

Are you aware you are frequently more irritable and less sociable than you like to be? Have you noticed how often you are annoyed at the motorists or travel passenger?

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Free Your Body of Pain with Treatment

Free Your Body of Pain with TreatmentWe all have a different tolerance level for any pain we experience. From your ow experience you will be aware that there are many types of physical pain; short and sharp, long, deep, and so severe you may lose consciousness. Different treatments may be required depending on the type of pain and where it is in your body.

N.B. Women: if you wake up during the night with a strong or severe pain across the middle of your back please get immediately to a Hospital Emergency service or allopathic doctor.

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Free Your Body of Pain Using Meditation

Free Your Body of Pain Using MeditationIf you have chronic pain or strong attacks of pain anywhere in your physical body you have probably tried many ways to be rid of it. Over many years I have found through clients, students, and myself, that by using a specific target with specific language, healing break-throughs happen.

My guided meditation below is aimed to link with the energy of the pain and then remove it from the physical body.

As with most meditations, settle comfortably where you won’t be disturbed and breathe softly, slowly, and deeply.

Each line is to be repeated three times, or more if wanted, before moving to the next one. It can be helpful to repeat the meditation out aloud.

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Free Your Body of Pain Using Your Senses

Free Your Body of Pain Using Your SensesSevere or chronic physical pain can take us to dark places where we feel caught and will do almost anything to remove it. It gradually depletes the energy of our immune system that then further weakens our body.

The use of colour and sound to cleanse and ‘lift’ our body has proven to be successful in healing and lifting our Spirit. When used with the intention to heal, colour and sound can give wonderful results. These results come from the increased or decreased vibrations that make up the sound or the colour. Many years ago Emeritus Professor Valerie Hunt proved this with her scientific research. She went on to produce music on CD’s which also contain the vibrations of specific colours.

To use colour and sound individually or together to reduce pain and heal your life use the following practices at different times to find which is most effective for you.

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